Why Should you not join TCS!!!


I don’t want to say that What is TCS?Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) is country’s biggest IT company.
TCS has hired almost 45,000 Freshers(Only Freshers!!!!) in 2012 for fiscal 2013.!Now they planned to hire 60,000 students in 2013.

TCS plans to hire 60,000 freshers in FY12-13 | Times Of India
This is my personal opinion that Don’t go for TCS.

When I was in 7th sem in college,TCS comes to my college campus to recruit to hire some students around in September.Even though at that time I know that what happened to TCS.

We had asked our faculties that “Should We go for TCS”?.None of them told that that you should go for TCS.!!!When we ask for reason,You have to sit for a longer time.They have Government projects,So they have to show figures to government to get projects.So they hire freshers.!!

One of employee of TCS who is working in TCS & alumni of L.D. College of Engineering says this to my friend:

“Always try for product based company in IT field…That is the only suggestion from my side..dont waste ur talent in TCS and all service based company..”

You can see what People says about TCS?There’s a huge discussion here.!

Key Comments from Times Of India Article:

1.The figure 60,000 is marketing figure which will keep stock GREEN & Competitors RED.!

2.Really wonder, IT giants in India like TCS, Infosys keep hiring in bulk where in employees who are there sit idle passing time waiting for project to come. Sufficient projects are not available to keep the employees engaged to work.

3.Most of the employees in TCS already dont have much work and are sitting ideal…dont know why they need people !!!! The company with no working standard is at number 1 position…..(15 People agrees on this comment!!)

4.By hiring in thousands, everybody can’t get a good job in TCS. They give some text-editing, data-entry jobs in Passport office or Vidhana Soudha or some bank which is not good for a graduate engineer. Thousands are still in bench and TCS is still hiring more. Just to get more projects, it is showing the head-count to clients. And because of this, TCS is lowering its value and students see it as a not-so-good company.(20 people agree on this comment)

5.As they say quality go down with quantity…TCS should take care of their employees first which are already hired and working hard…negligible hikes make them demoralized…whats the meaning of hiring in bulk when thousands of employees remain on bench(not allocated to any project or work)…what is the tcs strategy behing all this…i could never understand.

6.My friends working in TCS… It is paying 15k only in Blore.. and they said to come everyday and give attendence… Just 1 question… Why is it hiring if it cant give them work?Moreso,it has 2 years of Bond… Ultimately TCS is spoiling their professional growth… Why dont every fresher understand that….

All comments on TCS Recruitment from Times Of India!!

What happened in 2008?

400 TCS staff resign after work review

After reading these comments can you ask yourselves some questions.!!

1.Many of my friends don’t get Call Letters about 6-8 months.Can you wait for 6 months.??No company hires you for 6 months or without bond.!!

2.Do you to make some Data Entry jobs or some teaching jobs?

You are an engineer.You had given 4 years of your life & valuable money of your parents.Do you want to make waste of it? Is it not worth for you?

3.Do you like to stay work-less or idle?

Believe me I do job in IT company,I frustrate even if there is no work for even 1 day.!!Because you have to stay on chair,computer screen on your eyes & can’t access FB. :(

If all your answers YES,Then buddy,go for TCS.All The Best for your bright future.!!

TCS Placement Exam Papers TCS Placement Reviews

”Don’t go the way where Life takes you,Take the life the way you Go!!”

Still I am saying,It’s your decision.That is what my personal opinion & my some analysis.!!

Make Comments..!!

Nagesh Kulkarni
Hahaha i totally agree with writer
I am 3 years exp in TCS and still going with tcs
If u are made for IT industry then go for small companys they will teach u will then after 40 when ur brain and bone stop working then join gaint IT companies
I want to tell u that i am preparing for upsc from my graduate times so this company is best for me they give me lots of time to prepare so if ur are doing something like this then believe me thos is best company
But ur dedicated to IT works den dont join
And engineers who are non IT please dont join this company they will ruins ur life dont waste ur talent here for non IT people
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Deepak Padiyar
I am current employee of TCS i completely agree with the writer. I joined TCS on 9th april 2014 and on 13 th April i am writing this... I have got around 6.5 years experience they selected me for RF site survey profile and after joining they have been harassing me to join another profile altogether this is an input from current employee i dont know if they can do this with experienced people how would they treat any fresher... in 3-4 days i have seen the complete harassment ...since i am experienced atleast i can decide to quit and find another better company ......I completely feel for fresher who dont have any choice...
If you can avoid this company however ours country where lakhs of freshers come out of engineerring college not everyone can join microsoft and google .....so left with no option when company like TCS offers something to them....
if there are other TCS employees who feel they have been harassed where they took for one profile and forced you take up another please contact me at deepakpadiyarb@hotmail.com all i want to do is its got to stop some where they being big can't take everyone for granted

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Bikrant Kmk
Well I appreciate the thoughts, analysis, figures and writing skills of the Writer.
I am not going to extend this to any form of debate, however just want to mention a couple of points.

Representative of TCS will always say for TCS and Rivals of TCS will always go against.

No Company in the entire world had the Legal Rights to enforce any individual to join it.
They can only give you Offer Letter. And the details in the Letter had everything mentioned, be it the Salary Figures or Nature of the Work (nature doesn't needs to be very specific).

Any new Joiner being Fresher or Lateral, will always had an option, whether he should join or shouldn't. But if he opt to join by signing the Offer Letter, indicates that he is going to work as per the Company Requirements for at least next two years or till his overall association with TCS (whichever is higher).

So if a person joining TCS (or for that matter any other company), starts blaming the Company or the Human Resource / Resource Management Group, may first require to work on his own skills & potential and ability of decision making.

With my understanding and past experience (7+yrs in 3 different companies) if an individual groom himself according to the needs of Project than 80% of the Bench Strength could be efficiently utilized.

The problem with TCS is that, they don't believe in showing Pink Slip to their Permanent Employees.
If they start doing that, then this Forum possibly would not exist and a different Topic of Discussion could be formed which mentioned “TCS firing 25000 Employees every Year”.

All I have to say is there is no point in blaming only the Organization which is paying you for your 45 hours per week.
If you don't consider joining TCS worth than its' better you enhance your potential for the Product base Companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Sun, Symantec etc and if you not (rather if you can't) than consider TCS, Infosys, Wipro, IBM, TechM as your savior.

I am not trying to be offensive however these where all my insight.
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Ex Tcs
Well I had an experience of 3.5 years with TCS..above article is the major organizational facts which writer has pointed out.
AS per my experience i would suggest dont join TCS if you want to grow as a person:
1) They will make you work like hell with no person life if they have work
2) They will make you sit like a doll if they dont have work..
In both the cases the outcome will be that they wont appreciate you untill you have capability to lick your boss's shoes for no reason..If you do so, you will definitely be awarded without even any reason other wise you will be lost in the crowd and somewhere down the line you will be laid off with some stupid excuse like organization has to take the decision and in this case it hardly matter whether how much blood and sweat, sleepless night you have given to the company. Atlast you will feel incompetent and demoralize yourself because of the outcome.
These feedbacks are from my expereince and my ex TCS friends at different location(Delhi, gurgaon, Chennai, Mumbai) in India.All of them more or less faced same kind of experience. Unfortunaley i dont have anyone known from other TCSs locations, otherwise could have given these kind of scenarios more.

After leaving TCS, during my job changing durations, i got multiple call from TCS and cleared the interviews but couldnt dare to join it because of such weird experiences. I wish they could have kept the image of a dream company for any fresher which I used to have during my initial days.
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Deepak Padiyar
I completely agree with you and I am current employee of TCS planning on legal option against these people for the harasment I have gone through if there are other people who have faced any harassement please contact me at deepakpadiyarb@hotmail.com
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Shahbaaz Khan
it is an eye opening article........thanks..
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Altruistic Obaid
lolzzz.. angoor nai mila, toh woh khatta.... hahaha... to be very frank, this article is been written by a person who is ANTI TCS.. above this, he muss be jobless too.. lets talk about dose faculties, who unfortunately got to speak in this context... the answer is - a faculty is a faculty bzz he is not a Tcs employee.. dere are ppl who could never stand his subordinates to overpower/conquer him/her.. these faculties belongs to such degraded categories... the particular student, writing this article, musss be a sick one...
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