Ex Tcs Why Should You Not Join TCS
Well I had an experience of 3.5 years with TCS..above article is the major organizational facts which writer has pointed out.
AS per my experience i would suggest dont join TCS if you want to grow as a person:
1) They will make you work like hell with no person life if they have work
2) They will make you sit like a doll if they dont have work..
In both the cases the outcome will be that they wont appreciate you untill you have capability to lick your boss's shoes for no reason..If you do so, you will definitely be awarded without even any reason other wise you will be lost in the crowd and somewhere down the line you will be laid off with some stupid excuse like organization has to take the decision and in this case it hardly matter whether how much blood and sweat, sleepless night you have given to the company. Atlast you will feel incompetent and demoralize yourself because of the outcome.
These feedbacks are from my expereince and my ex TCS friends at different location(Delhi, gurgaon, Chennai, Mumbai) in India.All of them more or less faced same kind of experience. Unfortunaley i dont have anyone known from other TCSs locations, otherwise could have given these kind of scenarios more.

After leaving TCS, during my job changing durations, i got multiple call from TCS and cleared the interviews but couldnt dare to join it because of such weird experiences. I wish they could have kept the image of a dream company for any fresher which I used to have during my initial days.
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Deepak Padiyar

I completely agree with you and I am current employee of TCS planning on legal option against these people for the harasment I have gone through if there are other people who have faced any harassement please contact me at deepakpadiyarb@hotmail.com
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