Deepak Padiyar Why Should You Not Join TCS
I am current employee of TCS i completely agree with the writer. I joined TCS on 9th april 2014 and on 13 th April i am writing this... I have got around 6.5 years experience they selected me for RF site survey profile and after joining they have been harassing me to join another profile altogether this is an input from current employee i dont know if they can do this with experienced people how would they treat any fresher... in 3-4 days i have seen the complete harassment ...since i am experienced atleast i can decide to quit and find another better company ......I completely feel for fresher who dont have any choice...
If you can avoid this company however ours country where lakhs of freshers come out of engineerring college not everyone can join microsoft and google left with no option when company like TCS offers something to them....
if there are other TCS employees who feel they have been harassed where they took for one profile and forced you take up another please contact me at all i want to do is its got to stop some where they being big can't take everyone for granted

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