Bikrant Kmk Why Should You Not Join TCS
Well I appreciate the thoughts, analysis, figures and writing skills of the Writer.
I am not going to extend this to any form of debate, however just want to mention a couple of points.

Representative of TCS will always say for TCS and Rivals of TCS will always go against.

No Company in the entire world had the Legal Rights to enforce any individual to join it.
They can only give you Offer Letter. And the details in the Letter had everything mentioned, be it the Salary Figures or Nature of the Work (nature doesn't needs to be very specific).

Any new Joiner being Fresher or Lateral, will always had an option, whether he should join or shouldn't. But if he opt to join by signing the Offer Letter, indicates that he is going to work as per the Company Requirements for at least next two years or till his overall association with TCS (whichever is higher).

So if a person joining TCS (or for that matter any other company), starts blaming the Company or the Human Resource / Resource Management Group, may first require to work on his own skills & potential and ability of decision making.

With my understanding and past experience (7+yrs in 3 different companies) if an individual groom himself according to the needs of Project than 80% of the Bench Strength could be efficiently utilized.

The problem with TCS is that, they don't believe in showing Pink Slip to their Permanent Employees.
If they start doing that, then this Forum possibly would not exist and a different Topic of Discussion could be formed which mentioned “TCS firing 25000 Employees every Year”.

All I have to say is there is no point in blaming only the Organization which is paying you for your 45 hours per week.
If you don't consider joining TCS worth than its' better you enhance your potential for the Product base Companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Sun, Symantec etc and if you not (rather if you can't) than consider TCS, Infosys, Wipro, IBM, TechM as your savior.

I am not trying to be offensive however these where all my insight.
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