C File Management


  • File management in C
  • File operation functions in C
  • Defining and opening a file
  • Closing a file
  • The getw and putw functions
  • The fprintf & fscanf functions
  • Random access to files
  • fseek function.

File Operations

C supports a number of functions that have the ability to perform basic file operations, which include:
1. Naming a file 
2. Opening a file 
3. Reading from a file 
4. Writing data into a file 
5. Closing a file 

File Operations

Function 	NameOperation
fopen()	    Creates a new file for use, Opens a new	existing file for use
Fclose()	Closes file which has been opened for use
getc()	    Reads a character from a file
putc()	    Writes a character to a file
fprintf()	Writes a set of data values to a file
fscanf()	Reads a set of data values from a file
getw()	    Reads a integer from a file
putw()	    Writes an integer to the file
fseek()	    Sets the position to a desired point in the file
ftell()	    Gives the current position in the file
rewind()	Sets the position to the beginning of the file

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