C Tokens

Tokens are individual words and punctuation marks in passage of text. In C, program the smallest individual units are known as C Tokens. C has Six types of Tokens. The Tokens are shown in figure.
Types of C Tokens-C Tokens List

Key words & Character set

Instructions in C language are formed using syntax and keywords. It is necessary to strictly follow C language Syntax rules. Any instructions that mismatches with C language Syntax generates an error while compiling the program. Keywords should not be used either as Variable or Constant names. The character set in C Language can be grouped into the following categories.
	1. Letters
	2. Digits
	3. Special Characters
	4. White Spaces
White Spaces are ignored by the compiler until they are a part of string constant.
Auto       Extern   Sizeof

Break      Float    Static

Case       For      Struct

Char       Goto     Switch

Const      If       Typedef

Continue   Int      Union

Default    Long     Unsigned

Do         Register Void

Double     Return   Volatile

Else       Short    while

Enum       Signed

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