C Managing Input ⁄ Output Operations


  • Single character input output
  • String input and output
  • Formatted Input For Scanf
  • Input specifications for real number
  • Input specifications for a character
  • Printing One Line
  • Conversion Strings and Specifiers
  • Specifier Meaning


One of the essential operations performed in a C language programs is to provide input values to the program and output the data produced by the program to a standard output device.
We can assign values to variable through assignment statements such as
x = 5 a = 0 ;

and so on.
Another method is to use the Input then scanf which can be used to read data from a key board.
For outputting results we have used extensively the function printf which sends results out to a terminal.

Include directory

There exists several functions in ‘C’ language that can carry out input output operations.
These functions are collectively known as standard Input/Output Library.
Each program that uses standard input / out put function must contain the statement.
# include'stdio.h' 

at the beginning.

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