C Decision Making - Branching


A C Program is a set of statements which are normally executed sequentially in the order in which they appear. In practice, we have a number of situations where we may have to change the order of execution of statements based on certain conditions, or repeat a group of statements until certain specified condition are met.
This involves a kind of decision making to see whether a particular condition has occurred or not and then direct the computer to execute certain statements accordingly.
C language possesses such decision-making capabilities by supporting the following statements.
  • If statement
  • Switch Statement
  • Conditional Operator Statement
  • Goto statement
This statement are known as decision-making statements and control statement.
  • Branching
  • if Statement
  • The If else construct
  • Compound Relational tests
  • Nested if Statement
  • The ELSE If Ladder
  • The Switch Statement
  • The GOTO statement


The C language programs presented until now follows a sequential form of execution of statements.
Many times it is required to alter the flow of the sequence of instructions.
C language provides statements that can alter the flow of a sequence of instructions.
These statements are called control statements.
These statements help to jump from one part of the program to another.
The control transfer may be conditional or unconditional.

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