C Language Overview

The increasing popularity of C is probably due to its many desirble qualities.

It is a robust language whose rich set of built-in functions and operators can be used to write any complex program.

Programs written in C are efficient and fast. This is due to its veriety of data types and powerful operators.

C language is well suited for Structured Programming.

C program is a group of building blocks called Functions .

A C program may contain one or more section. The basic structure of write c program shown in below Table.

Documenting Section

Link Section

Definition Section

Global Declaration Section

main() Fuction Section
Declarion Part

Executable Part

Subprogram section

Function 1

Function 2



Function n

  • Documenting Section : It consists of a set of comment lines.
  • Link Section : It provides instructions to the compiler to link functions from the system library.
  • Definition Section: It defines all symbolic constants.
  • Global Declaration Section : There are some variables that are used in more than one function. Such variables are called global variables and are declared in this section.
  • Main() Function Section : Every C program must have one main() functon section. This section contains two parts.
    • Declaration Part & Executable Part : The Declaration part declares all the variables used in the executable part. There is at least one statement in the executable part. These two parts must appear between the opening and the closing braces.
  • Subprogram section : It contains all the user-defined functions that are called in the main fuctions. User-defined functions are generally placed immediately after the main function, although they may appear in any order.

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