TCS - GTU Placement Reviews

Company TCS
Location Gandhinagar
Package 3.17
How I Prepared? I went through the basic concepts of subjects like Dbms , Software eng , Information security , core and lil bit of advanced java , dfs . I was well prepared with my project.
For aptitude , refer RS aggrawal for quant. For logical reasoning , there are lots of books available.
Which question are asked to me? Technical Interview -
My interview started with the few questions from my projects. After they asked me basic questions from information security.once it is done, they shifted towards java and tried to screw on that by some confusing questions.But i sailed that somehow.They also asked some questions from DBMS.Main focus was on different joins.After that they drove me towards questions from Software engineering on different models.Overall they covered almost everything.It was lasted around 25-30 minutes.
HR interview -
-tell me about yourself
- 5 yrs down the line
- why not further study
- hobbies
- weaknesses?
Date of Join 4th Dec
Name Krutarth Dave
Stream Degree-Engineering
Branch Information Technology

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