International Tractors Limited - GTU Placement Reviews

Company International Tractors Limited
Location Hosiarpur,Punjab
Package 2.25
How I Prepared? For aptitude: I prepared nothing much except for going through R.S. Agrawal (selected chapters) once.It is a useful book for cracking the aptitude test.If you are preparing for GMAT or GRE etc. It can be a benefit for you.There will be technical section as well in some aptitude papers but that is very basic.

For GD: I prepared nothing for GD.Just make sure you are aware of the recent topics going on in the country for eg. the next prime minister,the most recent Match fixing in IPL and other social and political matters.

For PI: I just made sure my basic Technical was clear.If you are not feeling confident about PI just go through Dr. Kripal singh or William Crouse.It will make all the basic concept of Automobile clear.
Which question are asked to me? For Aptitude: I first sat for Ford Motors India which came for campus placements in January,in that, the aptitude had technical questions from Electrical as well Automobile subjects but again they were very basic.For of the question was to solve a circuit and find the resistance value,which we learned in 12th standard Physics itself.No negative markings.Had question on data interpretation,ratio and proportion,Percentage,day and work all mostly from R.S. Agrawal. While,in International Tractors limited,we only had aptitude and there was no technical which included just quantitative aptitude,no verbal.

For GD: In Ford Motors India,the topic given to my group was,'National sports: Hockey or Cricket' and for International tractors Limited it was 'who should be the next Prime Minister: Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi'. As i had studied through out English medium, GD wasn't really my problem.I normally watch English news channels for improving my vocabulary.

For PI: I wasn't able to crack the Ford PI but I was asked only technical questions in that.For eg. Draw the diagram of Engine cooling system,Automobile A/C system,than few questions about Caster/camber,brakes,clutch assembly etc.
In international tractors PI i was asked both HR questions and Technical questions.In HR section, I was asked about my family background and about why I chose Automobile Engineering,why do you think we should select you for the job etc. and In technical I was asked questions about Gearbox,engine Firing order and general questions about Engine,clutch and Transmission etc.
Date of Join 15/7/2013
Name Lay Thaker
Stream Degree-Engineering
Branch Automobile Engineering

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Pritesh Patel
nice.... thank you for give me the knowledge and motivation...
i am also currently pursuing my automobile eng. from GEC modasha...i m enter in 6th sem currently,,,,
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