JSP Tutorial

Starts from simple examples and progresses to complex examples. Requires Java and HTML knowledge.

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Dhaval Patel
how to connects database with .jsp page??
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Vivek Rudani
c.t is not in sammer exam 2013
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Shaily Shah
Give me IMP questions for advanced java...
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Bhuro Patel
learn basic java first and then think of advancd
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Moni Kachhadiya
are pan ae 7th sem ma hoy to avance java j mange ne bhai!!! core java sikhi lidu hase
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Shaily Shah
@ankita : right!!!
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Jay Kamdar
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Joydip Panchal
jsp sample program code :-

<%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"

Now you learn <% out.print(" JSP Tutorial " ; %> from Help2Engg.

O/P :

Now you learn JSP Tutorial from Help2Engg.
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Moni Kachhadiya
aa program koi pn directory ma save karia to chale?
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Joydip Panchal
Na.. Jya apache install hoy tena webapps na folder ma tara project na folder ma..... Example :- G:\download\apache-tomcat-6.0.24\webapps\jaydip\test.jsp
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how to check tomcat server is running or not??

open Apache Tomcat folder and then open bin folder.

Run startup Window Batch File.

After running it you can see this :

Then Open your browser and type localhost:8080 and press Enter, you see the below page :

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Joydip Panchal
path setting for tomcat apache.

Open :
Control Panel->System and Security->System->Advanced system settings->Environment Variables

Now click on New button of user variables. It open dialogue box of New User Variable.
Write :

Variable name : CATALINA_HOME
Variable Value : Your Apache Tomcat's folder's full path

Variable name : JAVA_HOME
Variable Value : Your JDK Environment full path....don't include bin folder.
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Joydip Panchal
To run a JSP page you have a JSP capable web-server server, if you haven't, then download it.
There are many such servers available.

Some of them are :
TomCat from Apache :http://tomcat.apache.org//
WebSphere from IBM :http://www-4.ibm.com/software/webservers//
Blazix from Desiderata Software :http://www.blazix.com/blazix.htmll
WebLogic from BEA Systems :http://www.beasys.com/
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Moni Kachhadiya
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Joydip Panchal
JavaServer Pages (JSP) is a technology that it build dynamically generated web pages of any document types.

It is released in 1999 by Sun Microsystems.

JSP uses the Java programming language.
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