Web Technology Practicals

1. A Simple HTML home page provide links to move to other pages like hobbies, educational info, personal info etc. Download
2. A HTML program to illustrate the use of frame and frameset tags of HTML. Download
3. A HTML Program which use a HTML controls to create a student information form to collect student’s information like name, address, phone, email, sex, birth date, hobbies etc. Download
4. A HTML Program which demonstrates loops like for loop, do while, while in java script. Download
5. A HTML Program which demonstrates the use of functions in java script. Download
6.A HTML Program which demonstrates various events like onclick, ondbclick, onfocus, onblur, onchange, onmouseover, onmouseover, window event, onload, onunload event. Download
7. A HTML Program to create various functions and sub routines to validate the data entered by user in form. Download
16.Create a program to illustrate the concept of associative array in PHP. Download
Create PHP program to implement the concept of Session management. Download
18.Create a PHP program to display student information in webpage. Student’s data is stored in My SQL database. Download
19.Create a PHP program to insert student information from HTML form. Student’s data is stored in My SQL database. Download

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Rockey Sharma
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Samir Patel
thank well done.....could not find between 8 to 15 programs....please email me.
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Pratima Makwana
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