Searce - GTU Placement Reviews

Company Searce
Location Pune
Package 3.5 lpa
How I Prepared? I took CRT training at TIME. It helped me polish my GD and PI skills and Aptitude. But more than that RS Aggarwal helped. Once you finish RS Aggarwal you can easily solve average questions asked by most of the companies. But that's not enough. You need to try out more difficult questions too, but only after you solve RS.

GD is not taken by most of the IT companies, but I suggest that you practice it with your friends. It will help you in PI and also improve your confidence level.
Which question are asked to me? Searce was not more towards the technical stuff, it focused on the logical capabilities.

Round 1: Aptitude test was of average difficulty level.
Round 2: Open Question/Answer Session. Random questions were asked regarding management and your academic/personal achievements. This was just to test whether you can speck in front of a group of people.
Round 3:GD. Topics was FDI. Only 3-4 people participated actively. So Please be prepared for such surprise rounds. Few logical puzzles were also asked.
Round 4: PI.
-First of all I was asked to solve some aptitude questions. 1st round questions.
- "Tell me about yourself only things you have not mentioned in your CV"
-Technical questions like HTML5,CSS3, Difference between Relational DB and Non-Relational BD etc..
-Puzzles. They increased difficulty levels as i went on solving them. Total 4 puzzles.
-Finally I was taken to another Manager, There too "Tell me about yourself" and was asked to "WAP to find whether the no. was Armstrong number or not" in any language.

Tips: Be interactive during all the rounds. Ask questions, but make sure you are not asking something obvious or stupid. It can cut your points. Keep trying if you do not succeed. Never give up.

All the Best.
Date of Join 1st July 2013
Name Manali Bhosale
Stream Degree-Engineering
Branch Information Technology

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Ravi Jakhania
Hey I am Ravi Jakhania from 7th Computer LDCE
Do they ask any basic questions on c/c++ or any other languages like java/c#?
Which type of puzzles did they ask?
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Ansari Md Tahir share ur expereiances..
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Hardik Mistry
HI Dear,
Presently Ur In Wch Sem ???
& Can U Help Me In C LanguAGE ???
U jst contact me on or on num;9157568858
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