C Linked List

Types of linked list

There are different kinds of linked lists they are
  • Linear ingly linked list
  • Circular singly linked list
  • Two way or doubly linked list
  • Circular doubly linked list.

Applications of linked lists

Linked lists concepts are useful to model many different abstract data types such as queues, stacks and trees.


If we restrict the process of insertions to one end of the list and deletions to the other end then we have a mode of a queue that is we can insert an item at the rear end and remove an item at the front end obeying the discipline first in first out.

Stacks & trees

If we restrict the insertions and deletions to occur only at one end of list the beginning then the model is called stacks. Stacks are all inherently one-dimensional.
A tree represents a two dimension linked list. Trees are frequently encounters in every day life one example are organization chart and the other is sports tournament chart.

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