Zeus Systems Private Limited - GTU Placement Reviews

Company Zeus Systems Private Limited
Location Lower Parel, Mumbai
Package 4 lakhs
How I Prepared? I prepared aptitude and logical reasoning from tuition class.

For technical, I prepared
- basic sql queries like update,insert,join,delete,alter...
- Normalization, Triggers, Procedures, Indexing in databases.
- Basic JAVA
- OOPS concepts
- C concepts like structures, constructors, union, function
- basic syntax in php
Which question are asked to me? First i given written exam. In this exam there was two sections. In first sections question related to aptitude and logical reasoning. Second section was technical section. Technical sections contains questions related to c,c++.

After clearing this exam i given technical exam on PC. In which they gave me one problem and told me to write program within 1 hour.

After clearing this exam, i called for HR interview. In this interview they asked me technical questions. :P Question was about file searching in directory.

They focused only in your technical skills...
Date of Join 17/06/2013
Name Jaydip Panchal
Stream Degree-Engineering
Branch Information Technology

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patel dhaval
the question level of aptitude are similar to indiabix or high level ? and tell me something more about that how i can prepare for this company and placement ...
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Arpit Patel
can u explain little bit more about in technical ??
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Joydip Panchal
In technical written exam - read short logical questions. In our exam they have asked questions for 1 mark, 2 mark, 3 mark. In last section two programs related to file and pointer. Prepare for file program in technical interview.
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Nirmal Panwar
nice pakeg bhai
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Jainik Khokhani
congo bro,all d best
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