Voltas Limited - GTU Placement Reviews

Company Voltas Limited
Location Ahmedabad
Package 2.25 lacs
How I Prepared? As per me following points should be kept in mind while facing the interview :
1. Be confident from your body language & your wordings.
2. Be transparent while answering any questions, don't try to become diplomatic.
3. Awareness of basic general knowledge with current issues.
4. Basic technical details should be very clear.
5. Basic aptitude and reasoning problems.
6. Be prepare for one question which every company ask - Define yourself and where you see yourself after five years.
Which question are asked to me? 1. Technical questions are asked related to electrical.
2. One question was asked to me that are you ready to move in other departments like mechanical, commercial, fire fighting etc.
I replied that i am eager to learn the complete system rather then just electrical system. Generally companies check your eagerness to learn new things and grasp the same.
3. Sometimes after receiving the details from our end in written interviewer asks the same in rapid fire round to check your mental presence as well your reality.
Date of Join 05/08/2010
Name Suchit Shah
Stream Degree-Engineering
Branch Electrical Engineering

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